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The most thorough inspection

Even with the use of strong lights or sunshine, areas within your chimney may be left unseen. Open voids within your chimney can drastically reduce its ability to operate properly, leaving unsafe condensates and by-products inside. A video inspection is a more thorough and reliable option.

For the safety of you and your family, choose a chimney video inspection performed by our professionals. Call:


The advantages of video inspections

Chimney video inspections are much more reliable than other methods of inspections. They produce images from inside your chimney structure, documenting the interior's general condition to help locate exactly where defects may be hidden.

Don't rely on the word of someone who has crawled inside of your chimney to inspect it. Instead, opt for a video inspection.

Our inspection services:

We have performed hundreds

of chimney inspections for

various purposes.

 •  Video inspections

 •  Documenting the chimney's interior

 •  Locate defects

 •  Inspections for real estate purposes

 •  Second opinion inspections

 •  Licensed professionals