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Customize your fireplace

Fireplaces come in many styles such as wood burning, direct-vent, or ventless and can be built using materials such as stone or brick.


Choose the style that is right for you. We can also build you a custom wood mantel and surround your fireplace with granite or slate!

Our fireplace installers provide you with decades of experience. We focus on functional

design, quality craftsmanship

and great value.


Add a beautiful focal point to your home

A fireplace adds a focal point of entertainment to your home. In addition to a beautiful new addition to your home, there are many practical features to having a fireplace installed as well; warmth, lower energy bills, and a good return on investment are a few!

Our fireplace styles range anywhere from traditional to modern and can be as simple or as grand as you desire!

The advantages of a fireplace:

We can build a fireplace into

an existing room, a new

room addition or finished basement project.

 •  Focal point for entertainment

 •  Good return on investment

 •  Warmth during the cold months

 •  Lower energy bills

 •  Wide variety of styles

 •  Customized designs